Admission Procedure

Registration (Registration of the students will be done when admission in the new session will be announced)

  • Admission Test
  • Compilation of Result
  • Recommendation by Principal
  • Display of Final Lists


  1. Registration is mandatory of all new admissions. Registration/Admission form is enclosed with every prospectus admission for single child.
  2. Parents are requested to deposit the registration/admission form duly completed in all respect at their earliest.
  3. Registration date will be considered the date of depositing the duly filled and complete registration form.
  4. Registration staff in no case will be able to receive the incomplete the registration / admission form.
  5. The admission process will only be initiated for the correct /complete and intimate deposited registration/admission forms.
  6. The prospectus will be given to parents on payment. This feel is not refundable in any case.


  1. Admission Tests will be conducted at the beginning of the academic year against vacancies with the exception of transfer cases enclosed with every prospectus admission for single child.

  2. Admission to wards of ASF personnel during session against posting/transfer cases of parents/guardians will not be refused. However, admission will be granted on compilation of requisite formalities. Admission test will not be conducted for children of transfer case.

  3. The Principal will recommend all those who qualify for admission. In the event of fewer vacancies, a merit/ waiting list will be maintained out of those who have qualified for admission and parents will be informed as and when vacancies occur on merit/ seniority basis.

  4. However students coming from other ASF educational institutions may be granted direct admission subject to the submission of students’ dossiers and progress reports from the previous institution.

Compilation of Result

Result will be compiled after the completion of admission of admission test. Test papers will be carefully checked and the students who have cleared the tests will be shortlisted according to the merit.

Recommendation by Principal:

The Principal will recommend the recommend the final list for approval.

Display of Final List

Final list of successful candidates will be displayed in the school

Depositing of Admission Fee

Parents of successful candidates will require to collect the admission fee vouchers of their ward(s) from reception office for timely depositing of the admission fee in the bank.

Incase of not depositing the admission fee in time, the admission will be given to next on the waiting list.