Penalty Circular

  • In order to inculcate discipline and good moral values among the students to build up their confidence level and should complete with global challenges.
  • All students are required to abide by the rules & regulations of the institution. 
  • It is intimated that zero tolerance policy will be adopted toward any kind of misconduct / discipline violation in the school by the students.
  • A student who use unfair means during a test will be awarded zero marks in the subject and a warning letter will be issued.
  • The school reserves the right to suspended or to take strict disciplinary action against the student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • Send your ward in neat, clean & tidy uniform along with proper ID cards and Badges.
  • Black socks & shoes for boys and white socks girls
  • Late comers will be sent back to home. Institution gate will be close at 8:00 hrs. sharp.
  • In case of absence of your ward application along with Medical certificate is mandatory.
  • Penalties will be leveled in the form of fine money which will be charged through fee vouchers for students as mentioned below.

Rs. 500/- (Mobile/cameras will be confiscated & returned to parents only 

Rs. 100/- (For untrimmed hair for boys/loose hair for girls.) 

Rs. 50—100 per day 

Rs. 50/- per day. On test day Rs. 100/- 

Rs. 200-500(depending upon the intensity) 

Rs. 300/- (physical handling / hitting )

(confiscation of undesirable items )

Rs. 200/- (detention for a week will also levied).

To be suspend after warning having taken parents on board

Suspend if proved depending upon the serving of offence

Will be confiscated & will not be returned

  • Send your ward with their own stationery, lunch and water bottle, as sharing is not allowed. 
  • Parents’ cooperation will be highly appreciated.

“Decency and Dignity is in Discipline”