Re Admission

The Re-admission will be granted on payment of all outstanding dues with one month tuition fee. Re-admission fee should be accompanied by a written request from the parents that the reason of expulsion will not arise again. Re-admission will be granted in case of:

  • Non-Payment of Dues: After clearance of all outstanding dues.
  • Irregularity: An undertaking will be required from the parents to ensure regularity of the student in future.

Withdrawal of Admission

  • For the withdrawal of a pupil, notice before 10th of that month is required or else one month’s fee will be paid in lieu of the notice.
  • Transfer certificate will be issued after having cleared the school dues.
  • Promotion certificates for transfer cases would be given only on the basis of continuous assessment during the session and not before two months of the completion of session.
  • All entries in the transfer certificate will be entered strictly in accordance with the demonstrated performance of the pupil.
  • Transfer certificate will be signed by the principal.