Termination of Admission

The school administration reserves the right to strike off the name of a student from the school roll. Following offences will render a student liable to withdrawal / expulsion from the school with or without warning depending upon the gravity of the offence.

  • Indiscipline, cheating, stealing or immoral conduct.
  • Rudeness to the staff by parents as well as by students.
  • Willfully damaging school property. Damage will be made good by the parents/ guardians of defaulters.
  • Being habitual untidy, unpunctual and neglecting school orders.
  • Possessing mobile phones, arms, fire arms, knives or any other lethal weapons.
  • Showing consistently poor performance in academics.
  • Leaving the school premises without proper permission.
  • Fighting with other students.
  • Smoking or use of drugs of any sort.
  • Continuous use of abusive language.
  • Inviting outside elements to settle the score with fellow students.
  • Chalking on the walls or washrooms.
  • Non-payment of dues within specific dates.
  • Irregularity in attendance.
  • Misbehavior/ misconduct of the students or their parents.
  • Students who fails twice in the same class in annual examination.
  • Prolonged absences without leave.
  • Any other offence considered to be serious enough by the school authorities.