Fee Depositing System

Following are submitted for your information: –

  1. Monthly fees vouchers will be issued on 5th of each month.
  2. Incase fee voucher not received to the children; parents are requested to contact concerned class teacher/ SH/ Coordinator/Account Section.
  3. Application is must for the duplicate fee voucher incase if the fee voucher is lost.
  4. Fee can be deposited in any branch of JS BANK Till 27th of each month.
  5. Fee may be deposited before due date because after this there will be fine.
  6. After due date fee can be deposited with fine of Rs.100/- till 30th of each month.
  7. 1x month fee defaulter will be charged Rs.500/- as fine in the next month fee voucher. 
  8. Name of 2 x month’s fee defaulters will be struck off. For readmission, application is must along with the payments of outstanding dues and tuition fee of a month.
  9. Due date will not be extended.
  10. Fine could not be waved off.
  11. Fee of Board Classes will be charged for 24 x months i.e. 1st year and 2nd year as under.
    • Matric, Apr to Mar
    • College, Jul to Jun