Dining Manners

Value Education
Topic : Dining Manners.

*Always wash your hands before taking meal.
*Say Bismillah and recite Dua before starting your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  • After finishing your meal say ALHAMDULILLAH
  • Use your Right hand while eating.
  • Chew properly and do not talk with food in your mouth.
  • Have proper posture and keep elbows off the table.
  • Stay seated and sit straight. Don’t take rounds in class while eating.
  • Eat and drink while sitting.
  • Pour water into the cup slowly and carefully.
  • Hold spoon properly
    *Don’t spill the food eat carefully clean your table.

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Value Education :

Always use the right words don’t use abusive language.

Always focus on privacy over Stanger danger.

Don’t take anything from strangers (gifts/chocolate candy etc)

Don’t go anywhere with any unknown / stranger person specially at off time from school / tuition & home.

Always inform your teacher & parents before going anywhere.

Always share your feelings with your teacher, elder siblings and parents

always wear undergarments. (vest & underwear)

Don’t let anybody to touch your private body parts.

have ownership of your own body.

Discourage secrets.