Dear Parents,
Assalam o Alaikum

A Humble Advice

As our children are about to go back to school soon Insha Allah, we all should accept the fact that inflation has hit us all so hard this year. Living in Pakistan (specially),it has almost become a struggle each day for every one now. No matter from which class you belong.

I request you all to normalize using;
Old school bags for your wards, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc if they are in good condition. Don’t waste money on these things. And ask your children not to ridicule their classmates who bring old stuff in new class. If you still can afford these new accessories, donate old ones to those who deserve. Same goes for text books, uniforms and shoes.

This is really a stressful time for Pakistani nation. Instead of competing and showing off, be empathetic and avoid buying fancy and expensive materials. Think wisely and be grateful to Allah if you are still enjoying all the bounties of life. ( copied )

ASF Public School and College,

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